Poor health can affect anyone, although it can lead to even worse consequences if sickness affects a city’s most important workers. Take, for instance, the situation in Redwood City, California where about 22 teachers have left one of the area’s most important elementary schools mainly because of unhealthy working conditions. The situation must indeed be terrible because these same teachers willingly moved to lower-paying schools just to work in a healthier environment, according to the Daily Journal.

Work Environment

Obviously, a shortage of teachers leads to lower-quality education for children. Unfortunately, stories such as this one aren’t exactly new because teachers are known to suffer from unique health problems throughout their careers. A study published in 2006, in particular, indicated that teachers have a higher chance of suffering ear, nose, and throat infections as well as problems in their lower extremities.

Such ailments aren’t always fatal, but they can have debilitating, long-term consequences like speech impairment and chronic coughing. At the first signs of these ailments, teachers shouldn’t hesitate to visit a local health provider, like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group’s Redwood City urgent care facility. After all, health conditions such as these are best treated early before they worsen.

Even seemingly minor problems can have disastrous results. Stress, for example, is one of the most common complaints among teachers; those who teach younger children particularly suffer from more stress. Although not a “disease” per se, high levels of stress can lead to cardiovascular ailments.

There is also the fact that some teachers work in potentially dangerous environments. Art teachers, for example, are regularly exposed to organic solvents, pigments, glues, and other crafting materials that can be cumulatively toxic. Unfortunately, teachers aren’t always given the same safety gear as industrial workers who deal with almost the same materials regularly. As such, some teachers are likely to develop allergies to these products, which may require them to visit a Redwood City walk-in clinic more often than other professionals.

These facts aren’t designed to discourage aspiring teachers from pursuing careers, however. In any case, teachers who encounter a slew of health concerns can turn to a trusted urgent care provider like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group.

(Source: Teachers seek better work environment: Redwood City Elementary facing challenges; employees, district hope for change, The Daily Journal, March 13, 2014)