Forgotten in all the madness this flu season has brought upon most of the Unites States, the number of measles cases in 2013 has increased alarmingly. The Washington Times reports on the CDC’s stance on the subject matter:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed 175 cases of measles so far this year, a significant spike that’s attributed largely to the failure of those infected to get vaccinated, medical professionals said.

The 175 cases, including 20 hospitalizations, is roughly three times the number of measles cases that are normally seen each years, said CDC Director Thomas Frieden, in USA Today.

But don’t blame the vaccination for the spike in measles cases. More than 98 percent of those diagnosed with the disease didn’t get vaccinated, he said.

“This isn’t the failure of a vaccine,” Mr. Frieden said, in USA Today. “It’s the failure to vaccinate.

Most of the measles cases were “imported” to the United States. That is to say, Americans who traveled to a foreign country with measles brought it back to the US. Unfortunately, many Americans have forgone the MMR vaccine that protects them from measles.

Get Vaccinated at a Redwood City Urgent Care Center before Traveling

Many health officials recommend that people visit a Redwood City urgent care center, like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, before traveling abroad. This quick visit allows people to receive any vaccines they may need for the trip. Important travel vaccines include the MMR vaccine, the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, and the polio vaccine.

Patients who wish to receive travel vaccines should visit a trusted walk in clinic in Redwood City at least a month or two before traveling. This is recommended because some vaccines take longer to take effect than other vaccines.

(Article Information and Image from CDC sees measles spike and ‘failure to vaccinate’, The Washington Times, December 6, 2013)